On The Jericho Road

Melody -

1. As you travel along on the Jericho Road
Does the world seem all wrong and heavy your load
Just bring it to Christ your sins all confess
On the Jericho Road your heart He will bless.

On the Jericho Road there's room for just two
No more and no less just Jesus and you
Each burden He'll bear each sorrow He'll share
There's never a care for Jesus is there.
  2. On the Jericho Road blind Bartimaeus sat
His life was a void so empty and flat
But Jesus appeared, one word brought him sight
On the Jericho Road Christ banished his night.

3. Oh, brother, to you this message I bring
Though hope may be gone, He'll cause you to sing
At Jesus' command sins shackles must fall
On the Jericho Road you will answer His call.

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