Being of beings, God of love

Melody -

Methodist Hymnal 1889

1. Being of beings, God of love!
To thee our hearts we raise;
Thy all-sustaining power we prove,
And gladly sing thy praise.

2. Thine, only thine, we pant to be;
Our sacrifice receive;
Made, and preserved, and saved by thee,
To thee ourselves we give.

3. Heavenward our every wish aspires;
For all thy mercies' store,
The sole return thy love requires
Is, that we ask for more.

4. For more we ask; we open then
Our hearts to embrace thy will;
Turn, and revive us, Lord, again,
With all thy fulness fill.

5. Come, Holy Ghost, the Saviour's love
Shed in our hearts abroad!
So shall we ever live, and move,
And be, with Christ in God.

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