Broad as the universe his love is broad

Melody - Woodlands or Pantyfedwen (if Pantyfedwen is used, the final verse should be used as the refrain)

Suggested by a sermon on Ephesians 3:18 by Martyn Lloyd-Jones and by Psalm 139 for the last verse.

1. Broad as the universe his love is broad,
And wide, worldwide the mercy he has wrought:
From every race the trophies of his grace
To kiss the Son have run to his embrace.

2. Long as the universe his love is long;
He brought the stars to birth to angel-song,
And when at last the stars grow dim and die
Redeeming love will be the angels' cry.
  3. High as the mountain peaks his love is high,
We raise our eyes still higher to the sky
And meet our gaze his Everests of grace
And peaks of love too high for eye to trace.

4. Deep as the deepest thought his love is deep,
And deeper still than all philosophy:
The finest minds of time shall sing in praise
And tell the depth of his redeeming ways.

5. If we should take the wings of early dawn,
If we should trace the windings of the sea,
Could we escape the universe of grace
Of God in Jesus? That could never be!

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