Come Rejoicing, Praises Voicing


Melody -


Juraj Tranovsky

1. Come rejoicing,
Praises voicing,
Christmas Day is breaking;
Now th' Eternal,
Lord supernal,
Human form is taking.
On the hay - lo, behold
Virgin's Son, as foretold -
Lies the precious Infant in the wintry cold.

2. Unabated,
For Him waited
Many generations;
Him now proudly
Angels loudly
Praise the Hope of nations.
Let us, then, gladly sing,
Let our songs daily ring
As we to this holy Child our praises bring.

3. Tender Flower,
Mighty Tower,
Jesus Christ, our Savior;
Heavenly Treasure,
Without measure
Thee we love forever.
Lord and King without end,
Our poor hearts now befriend,
All Thy gifts of grace and goodness to us send.

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