Be Nice

Melody - "Vöglein im hohen Baum", Friedrich Silcher 1789-1860

Frank 1997

1. Enjoy your life today,
Skies be they bright or grey,
All's but a dream.
He let us choose the way,
All that we do and say,
What right we deem.
What right we deem.

2. Live as you plan to die,
At peace with all that vie
For space on earth.
Don't dwell on vengeful thought,
Be glad what God hath wrought,
For us to share,
For us to bear.
3. If life is living hell,
Did you not help as well?
Whom did you fear.
Heaven is in your mind.
If you're at peace you'll find.
Heaven is near.
Heaven is here.

4. Heaven's reward's unknown,
None sent a letter home
Advising you.
Memories of you, is all
People you've met, recall,
Good and bad too,
Bad and good too.

5. Is life a blink of eye?
Is life a soul to vie
Those who you leave behind
Will let you live, in mind,
A short time or
For evermore.

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