Father Most Holy, Merciful and Tender

Melody -

Percy Dearmer

Father most holy,
Merciful, and tender;
Jesus, our Savior,
With the Father reigning;
Spirit all-kindly,
Advocate, Defender,
Light never waning.

2. Trinity sacred,
Unity unshaken;
Deity perfect,
Giving and forgiving,
Light of the angels,
Life of the forsaken,
Hope of all living.

3. Maker of all things,
All Thy creatures praise Thee;
Lo, all things serve Thee
Through Thy whole creation.
Hear us, Almighty,
Hear us as we raise Thee
Our adoration.

4. To the all-ruling
Triune God be glory!
Highest and Greatest,
Help Thou our endeavor;
We, too, would praise Thee,
Giving honor worthy
Now and forever.

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