God Is Love: His The Care

Melody -

P. Dearmer, 1867-1936

1. God is love: his the care,
Tending each, everywhere.
God is love-all is there!
Jesus came to show him,
That mankind might know him:

2. None can see God above;
All have here man to love;
Thus may we Godward move,
Finding him in others,
Holding all men brothers:
  3. Jesus lived here for men,
Strove and died, rose again,
Rules our hearts, now as then;
For he came to save us
By the truth he gave us:

4. To our Lord praise we Sing
Light and life, friend and king,
Coming down love to bring,
Pattern for our duty,
Showing God in beauty:

Sing aloud, loud, loud!
Sing aloud, loud, loud!
God is good!
God is truth! God is beauty! Praise him!

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