In Our Dear Lord's Garden

Melody -

E. S. Armitage, 1841-1931

1. In our dear Lord's garden,
Planted here below,
Many tiny flowerets
In sweet beauty grow.

2. Christ, the loving gardener,
Tends these blossoms small,
Loves the little lilies
As the cedars tall.

3. Nothing is too little
For his gentle care,
Nothing is too lowly
In his love to share.
  4. Jesus loves the children,
Children such as we,
Blessed them when their mothers
Brought them to his knee.

5. Jesus calls the children,
Bids them come and stand
In his pleasant garden,
Watered by his hand.

6. Lord, thy call we answer;
Take us in thy care,
Train us in thy garden,
In thy work to share.

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