Jesus! Engrave It on My Heart

Melody -

1. Jesus! engrave it on my heart,
that Thou the One thing needful art:
I could from all things parted be,
but never, never, Lord, from Thee!

2. Needful is Thy most precious blood,
to reconcile my soul to God;
Needful is Thy indulgent care;
needful Thy all prevailing prayer.
  3. Needful Thy presence, dearest Lord!
true peace and comfort to afford;
Needful Thy promise, to impart
fresh life and vigor to my heart.

4. Needful art Thou, my Guide! my Stay!
thro' all life's dark and weary way;
Nor less in death Thou'lt needful be,
to bring my spirit home to Thee.

5. Then needful still my God! my King!
Thy Name eternally I'll sing:
Glory and praise be ever His,
the One Thing needful, Jesus is!

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