Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts

Melodies: "Walton" - W. Gardiner, Sacred Melodies, 1815
"Mendon" - German, arranged F.D. Allen, 1822

attr. Bernard of Clairvaux, 1091-1153; tr. Ray Palmer, 1808-1887, alt.

1. Jesus, thou joy of loving hearts,
The fount of life, the light of all;
From ev'ry bliss that earth imparts
We turn, unfilled, to hear your call.

2. Your truth unchanged has ever stood;
You plead with all to call on you;
To those who seek you, you are good;
To those who find you, life is new.

3. We taste you, everliving bread,
And long to feast upon you still;
We drink of you, the fountainhead;
Our thirsting souls from you we fill.

4. For you our restless spirits yearn,
Where'er our changing lot is cast;
Glad when you smile on us you turn,
Blest, when by faith we hold you fast.

5. O Jesus, ever with us stay!
Make all our moments fair and bright!
Oh, chase the night of sin away!
Shed o'er the world your holy light.

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