Kneel At the Cross

Melody - Chas. E. Moody

O. E. M.

Kneel at the cross,
Christ will meet you there,
Come while he waits for you;
List to his voice,
Leave with him your care
And begin life a new.

Kneel__________at the cross,
(Kneel at the cross ____Kneel at the cross),
Leave_________ev'ry care
(Leave ev'ry care____Leave ev'ry care);
Kneel___________at the cross,
(Kneel at the cross),
Jesus will meet you there.
                                     (meet you there).

Kneel at the cross,
There is room for all
Who would His glory share;
Bliss there awaits,
Harm can ne'er befall
Those who are anchored there.

Kneel at the cross,
Give your idols up,
Look unto realms above;
Turn not away
To life's sparkling cup;
Trust only in His love.

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