Lavish love abundant beauty

Melody -

1. Lavish love, abundant beauty,
Gracious gifts for heart and hand,
Life that fills the soul and senses
All burst forth at Your command.
Lord, our Lord, Eternal Father,
Great Creator, God and Friend,
Boundless pow'r gave full expression
To Your love which knows no end.
  2. Who am I that You should love me,
Meet my ev'ry need from birth?
Why invest Yourself so fully
In a creature made of earth?
In Your loving heart You planned me,
Fashioned me with greatest care;
Through my soul You breathed Your Spirit,
Planted Your own image there.

3. I am Yours, Eternal Father,
All my body, mind and heart.
Take and use me to Your glory,
Form Yourself in ev'ry part.
Lord, Your love brings joy and gladness
Flowing forth within my soul.
May my very breath and being rise to You,
Their source and goal?

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