Lord And Saviour, True And Kind

Melody -

H. C. G. Moule, 1841-1920

1. Lord and Saviour, true and kind,
Be the master of my mind;
Bless and guide and strengthen still
All my powers of thought and will.

2. While I ply the scholar's task,
Jesus Christ, be near, I ask;
Help the memory, clear the brain,
Knowledge still to seek and gain.
  3. Here I train for life's swift race;
Let me do it in thy grace.
Here I arm me for life's fight;
Let me do it in thy might.

4. Thou hast made me mind and soul;
I for thee would use the whole.
Thou hast died that I might live,
All my powers to thee I give.

5. Striving, thinking, learning still,
Let me follow thus thy will,
Till my whole glad nature be
Trained for duty and for thee.

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