Lord Of Health, Thou Life Within Us

Melody -

P. Dearmer, 1867-1936

1. Lord of health, thou life within us,
Strength of all that lives and grows,
Love that meets our hearts to win us,
Beauty that around us glows,
Take the praise that brims and flows!

2. Praise for all our work and leisure,
Mirth and games and jollity,
Study, science, all the treasure
That is stored by memory,
Skill of mind and hand and eye;
  3. Praise for joys, for sorrows even,
All that leads us up to thee;
Most of all that out from heaven
Came thy Son to set us free,
Came to show us what to be.

4. May our work be keen and willing;
Make us true to thee and wise;
Help us now, each moment filling,
Skill and service be our prize,
Till to thy far hills we rise.

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