Lord of Our Life, and God of Our Salvation

Melody - Herzliebster Jesu, was hast du - Melody - Iste confessor

1. Lord of our life, and God of our salvation,
Star of our night, and hope of every nation,
Hear and receive Thy church's supplication,
Lord God Almighty.

2. Lord, Thou canst help when earthly armor faileth;
Lord, Thou canst save when deadly sin assaileth;
Lord, o'er Thy rock nor death nor hell prevaileth:
Grant us Thy peace, Lord:
  3. Peace in our hearts, our evil thoughts assuaging;
Peace in Thy Church, where brothers are engaging;
Peace, when the world its busy war is waging:
Calm Thy foes' raging.

4. Grant us Thy help till backward they are driven;
Grant them Thy truth, that they may be forgiven;
Grant peace on earth, or, after we have striven,
Peace in Thy heaven. Amen.

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