May The Mind of Christ, My Saviour

Melody -

1. May the mind of Christ, my Saviour,
Live in me from day to day,
By His love and pow'r controlling all I do and say.

2. May the Word of God dwell richly
In my heart from hour to hour,
So that all may see I triumph only through His pow'r.

3. May the peace of God, my Father,
Rule my life in everything,
That I may be calm to comfort sick and sorrowing.
  4. May the love of Jesus fill me,
As the waters fill the sea;
Him exalting, self abasing, this is victory.

5. May I run the race before me,
Strong and brave to face the foe,
Looking only unto Jesus as I onward go.

6. May His beauty rest upon me
As I seek the lost to win,
And may they forget the channel, seeing only Him.

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