My Faith, It Is An Oaken Staff

Melody -

T. T. Lynch, 1818-1871

1. My faith, it is an oaken staff,
The traveller's well-loved aid;
My faith, it is a weapon stout,
The soldier's trusty blade.
I'll travel on, and still be stirred
To action at my master's word;
By all my perils undeterred,
A soldier unafraid.
  2. I have a guide, and in his steps
When travellers have trod,
Whether beneath was flinty rock
Or yielding grassy sod,
They cared not, but with force unspent,
Unmoved by pain, they onward went,
Unstayed by pleasures, still they bent
Their zealous course to God.

3. My faith, it is an oaken staff,
O let me on it lean;
My faith, it is a trusty sword,
May falsehood find it keen.
Thy spirit, Lord, to me impart,
O make me what thou ever art,
Of patient and courageous heart,
As all true saints have been.

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