My Gracious Lord, I Own Thy Right

Melody -

1. My gracious Lord, I own Thy right
to every service I can pay,
And call it my supreme delight
to hear Thy dictates, and obey.

2. What is my being but for Thee,
Its sure support its noblest end?
Thy ever smiling face to see
And serve the cause of such a friend.
  3. I would not breathe for worldly joy,
Or to increase my worldly good;
Nor future days or powers employ
To spread a sounding name abroad.

4. 'Tis to my Saviour I would live,
To Him who for my ransom died;
Nor could untainted Eden give
Such bliss as blossoms at His side.

5. His work my hoary age should bless,
When youthful vigour is no more;
And my last hour of life confess
His love hath animating power.

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