O God of Light, Thy Word

Melody -

1. O God of Light, Thy Word, a lamp unfailing,
Shines through the darkness of our earthly way,
O'er fear and doubt, o'er black despair prevailing,
Guiding our steps to Thine eternal day.

2. From days of old, through swiftly rolling ages,
Thou hast revealed Thy will to mortal men,
Speaking to saints, to prophets, kings, and sages,
Who wrote the message with immortal pen.
  3. Undimmed by time, the Word is still revealing
To sinful men Thy justice and Thy grace;
And questing hearts that long for peace and healing
See Thy compassion in the Saviour's face.

4. To all the world the message Thou art sending,
To every land, to every race and clan;
And myriad tongues, in one great anthem blending,
Acclaim with joy Thy wondrous gift to man.

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