Praise Him! Praise Him!

Melody - Chester G. Allen

Fanny J. Crosby

Praise Him! Praise Him!
Jesus our blessed Redeemer!
Sing, O earth, His
Wonderful love proclaim!
Hail Him! Hail Him!
Highest archangels in glory,
Strength and honor
Give to His holy name!
Like a shepherd,
Jesus will guard His children;
In His arms He
Carries them all day long;

Praise Him! praise Him!
Tell of His excellent greatness!
Praise Him! praise Him!
Ever in joyful song!

  2. Praise Him! Praise Him!
Jesus our blessed Redeemer!
For our sins, He
Suffered and bled and died;
He our Rock, our
Hope of eternal salvation,
Hail Him! Hail Him!
Jesus the crucified:
Sound His praises!
Jesus who bore our sorrows,
Love unbounded,
Wonderful, deep, and strong:

3. Praise Him! praise Him!
Jesus, our blessed Redeemer!
Heav'nly portals
Loud with hosannas ring!
Jesus, Savior,
Reigneth forever and ever;
Crown Him! crown Him!
Prophet and priest and King!
Christ is coming,
Over the world victorious,
Pow'r and glory
Unto the Lord belong:

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