Praise the Lord of Heavens

Melody - "Nous allons", French Carol

Thomas Browne 1805-1874
1. Praise the Lord of heavens!
Praise him in the height;
Praise him, all you angels;
Praise him, stars and light!
Praise him, clouds and waters
Which, above the skies,
When his word commanded,
Did established rise!
2. Praise the Lord, you fountains
Of the deep and seas,
Rocks and hills and mountains,
Cedars and all trees!
Praise him clouds and vapors,
Snow and hail and fire,
Stormy wind, fulfilling
Only his desire!

3. Praise him, fowl and cattle,
Princes and all Kings;
Praise him men and women,
All created things;
For the name of God is
Excellent alone
Over earth his foot-stool,
Over heav'n his throne!

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