Praise the Lord, rise up rejoicing

Melody - "Alles ist an Gottes Segen", Johann Löhner 1645-1705

H. C. A. Gaunt
1. Praise the Lord, rise up rejoicing,
Worship, thanks, devotion voicing:
Glory be to God on high!
Christ, your cross and passion sharing,
By this Eucharist declaring
Yours the final victory.

2. Scattered flock, one shepherd sharing,
Lost and lonely, one voice hearing,
Ears attentive to the word;
By the blood new life receiving,
In the body, firm believing,
We are yours, and you the Lord.

3. Sins forgiven, wrongs forgiving,
We go forth alert and living
In your Spirit, strong and free.
Partners in your new creation,
Seeking peace in ev'ry nation,
May we faithful foll'wers be.

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