Springtime is a season of Spirit

Melody - Abbott's Leigh

1. Springtime is a season of Spirit
When all things are born again,
When the quick and dead awaken,
Brought to birth by the Easter rain:
Tender showers of resurrection,
Mighty torrents flow fast and free,
Flourish round the throne of Godhead
Leaves of healing on every tree.

2. Summer is a season of Spirit,
Then we walk with God in love:
Holy time of secret courtship;
Time of wooing in realms above,
Balmy nights of orchard laughter,
Fields of stars and a heart aflame;
Where the Lover leads we follow,
Proud to marry the bridegroom's name.
  3. Autumn is a season of Spirit,
Ripe and full are the fruits of life:
Peace and joy and lovingkindness
Taught by God in the school of strife.
Now's the time for abundant harvest,
Every grace for God employed
And the leaves on sturdy branches
Blaze with love yet are not destroyed.

4. Winter is a season of Spirit
With the roots of life laid low,
With the springs of life in hiding,
Bound in ice and a pall of snow;
Now the golden bowl is broken,
Now is severed the silver cord,
Yet when life is but a token
Nothing's hid from the love of God.

5. See a sun on each horizon,
West and East and South and North:
Every eye may see it together,
Now the Lord restores the earth!
Now the round of seasons is over,
Lightning flickers from pole to pole
See the Sun of lovingkindness
Rise for healing once for all!

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