When God Made Creation

Melody -

M. E. Rose

1. When God made creation,
In true adoration
The stars of the morning all shouted his praise;
The sun in his splendor,
The moon, young and tender,
Sang: 'Praise to the Lord, the Ancient of Days'.

2. That God loved his children
And happiness willed them,
The stars and the beasts and the flowers knew well;
But wilful man only,
Preferred to be lonely,
And turning from love, to darkness he fell.
  3. But God would not leave him
In sorrow and grieving,
And came down to seek him in meekness and love,
And gently he taught him,
And dearly he bought him,
And raised him again to glory above.

4. Then sing of God's glory,
His wonderful story,
O sing out his praise all you Children of Light;
Through worlds never-ending,
Your praises ascending;
O sing of his love! O sing of his might!

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