Wise Men, Seeking Jesus

Melody -

J. T. East, 1860-1937

1. Wise men, seeking Jesus,
Travelled from afar,
Guided on their journey
By a beauteous star.

2. But if we desire him,
He is close at hand;
For our native country
Is our Holy Land.

3. Prayerful souls may find him
By our quiet lakes,
Meet him on our hillsides
When the morning breaks.
  4. In our fertile cornfields
While the sheaves are bound,
In our busy markets,
Jesus may be found.

5. Fishermen talk with him
By the great North Sea,
As the first disciples
Did in Galilee.

6. Every peaceful village
In our land might be
Made by Jesu's presence
Like sweet Bethany.

7. He is more than near us,
If we love him well;
For he seeketh ever
In our hearts to dwell.

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