Tishomingo Blues

Melody - Spencer Williams, 1917

Spencer Williams

Oh, Mississippi,
Oh, Mississippi,
My heart cries out for
You in sadness,
I want to be where
The wintry winds don't blow,
Down where the southern
Moon swings low,
That's where I want to go.

|: I'm goin' to Tishomingo,
   Because I'm sad today,
   I wish to linger,
   Way down old Dixie way.
   Oh, my weary heart cries out in pain,
   Oh, how I wish that I was back again,
   With a race,
   In a place,
   Where they make you welcome all the time.
   Way down in Mississippi,
   Among the cypress trees,
   They get you dippy,
   With their strange melodies,
   To resist temptation,
   I just can't refuse,
   In Tishomingo
   I wish to linger,
   Where they play the weary blues. :|

Tonight I'm prayin',
Tonight I'm sayin',
Oh Lord please take the
Train that takes me,
To Tishomingo,
'way down old Dixie way,
Where southern folks are
always gay,
That's why you hear me say.

|: I'm goin' to Tishomingo . . . .

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