Things that happen in Germany

29.4.2005 Finally, after 2 or 3 complaints a year, for many years, to the appropriate German authorities, and after over 6 months of bureaucratic committees and agonizing paperwork, by the appropriate authorities, one song on my site has been officially indexed (banned) in Germany.

( Update in 2007 my site was "indexed" at least twice more/again with repeated orders to remove mostly unspecified songs.

Why was only one song indexed when dozens were mentioned in the indictment?
Because I have too many songs to count and anyway, all other offending songs, even hymns and nursery rhymes, can be found through links from this song.

Reason for the indictment?
This song, and the sampling of other songs mentioned in the indictment:
- Morally endanger German youth
- Social-ethically disorient youth before they have been properly indoctrinated to form their own opinion.
- Have no politically correct disclaimers
- Give an impression of happy life in WWII
- Honour as heroes, soldiers who achieved fame and glory by their achievements.

Before you laugh, we're talking serious stuff here, like a year in prison and/or EU30,000 fines.

With Germany's policy of "preemptive incarceration" (Wehret den Anfängen) and "inter-country police measures" (Länderübergreifende polizeiliche Maßnahmen), adjacent countries detain and hand over, persons of interest to Germany, with no judicial process.

The zinger is that this decision to brand me a criminal is entered in List-C of banned works, an unpublished list of illegal works, not available to the public but, presumably, to the police.
How does this legal decision now protect youth ethically disoriented by my songs??

May I ask: "What is/was the point"?

If you have no life, way to much spare time and read Kraut (I can say that because I am a Kraut and proud of it :-), you can read the original happy horse sh-- here.

In 2002 a husband & wife team of whiplash weasels, on a mission to sanitize the internet (as urged by ), found a personal page that had a link to

As they couldn't find one single illegal thing on the page, they followed the link to and searched, and found 2 (out of ~20,000) songs that are illegal in DE.

German law says that you own, and are responsible for, all content of the sites to which you provide a link. (isn't that against all international copyright laws?)

They filed charges against the owner of the page (a total stranger to them) and, after the dust had settled:

The defendant is found guilty of using symbols of unconstitutional organizations to incite the public. He is sentenced to a fine of sixty days or EU2,400. plus court costs. Applicable laws: §§ 86 AT, 130, 52 STGBS.

This perceivable fine was necessary to show the defendant that it is not acceptable that such songs be publicized. The calculation of the fine versus jail time results from the income circumstances of the defendant. The court costs are determined by §465 StPOs.

The 39 year old defendant is married. He has no children. He works as a programmer and earns approximately EU2,900

BTW the defendant had never heard of one of the two songs he was charged with publicizing. Also thousands of pages link to me world-wide, most probably in DE.
Directions to are published in printed German books, newspapers and magazines.

Four months later, in June 2002, 3 skinhead arsonists, who'd clashed with police 9 years earlier and set large fires to residences with Molotov cocktails, were finally in court answering charges of attempted murder and arson.

All three defendants showed up with freshly shaved heads, to show the judge their remorse. The judge complemented one defendant for almost completing the year of his current probation (for other, unrelated, violent misdeeds) and called the throwing of Molotov cocktails a "thoughtless act". The judge also assigned court costs to the state as they would "exessively overburden" the defendants and sentenced them to probation.
Want to have your house interior redecorated at no cost?
Hang a 19th century flag on your living room wall and call a phone repair man.
He'll report the suspicious flag and a squad of police will show up, truck much of your stuff away but return most of it later.

Cleaning up and putting things back where you'd rather have them, is your problem.

The German state prosecutor's office ordered me to remove numerous, unspecified songs and to respond to charges placed against me within 14 days. That was in 2000.
Two of my requests for clarification as to what German literary law had to do with me, on the other side of the globe, have not yet been answered.

I've cancelled any plans for a holiday in the Fatherland because I don't intend for my stay to be free, at state expense, as was the extended vacation of an Australian citizen who was sentenced to 11 months (actually they let him out after 8 months but I don't know how much time he spent in custody before being sentenced to jail) because the state prosecutor didn't like this fellow's internet page in Australia.
It was just a modest page with nothing the average person (my opinion) would find offensive. I'd never have found the page, except for the publicity. I seriously doubt it had a million visitors a months like

My suspicions were just confirmed (5.2003) that some DE ISPs filter and bounce Email containing certain words, totally unbeknownst to the recipient. This is political, nothing to do with SPAM.
Email is returned as: no such Email address, while other Email passes through to the very same address with no problem.
Headline 19.October 2000
Lake Constance-bordering-states against right-extremists
Cross-border police measures ratified

Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland and the principality Liechtenstein reinforce the international police cooperation in the fight against right-extremist and xenophobic offenses and actions.
. . . .
A case that shows the international network and the unpredictable and high potential for violence is this example at the German-Swiss border:
At a border-check in February 2000 in Weil, a 22-year old German, a Swiss (26) and a Pole (22) were arrested at the Rhine, because they, apart from forbidden national-socialistic propaganda-materials, CDs, T-shirt with corresponding imprints, were also in posession of instruction for the construction of an explosive devise.

Federal police president Erwin Hetger: "By early, coordinated action, a consolidation of the organized network of right-extremist criminals can be counteracted. The national security policy "Defend against the inception" is especially valid in this area".

(My questions are:
- Does the policy: "Defend against the inception" mean "Jail them before they have a chance to break the law"?
- If this "problem" is so big, why did the example justifying this international effort, happen 9 months earlier?
- Did nothing more serious get snagged at 5 borders, in 9 months, than 3 guys with unapproved T-shirts and CDs?
- How do CDs and T-shirts prove a high potential for violence?
- Was the "instruction for the construction of an explosive devise" the label on a Walkman battery which said: "do not dispose of in fire or battery may explode"?
- Does something stink? )

I remember stuff like this happening in Germany 60 years ago but then we knew who was in charge. Who's running the show today??

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