Hiking A Couple of Afternoon Hikes

Childsplay : Big and small kids like caves. The 12 Homesite Creek Caves are large enough to crawl yet small enough to be no danger to children. The only occupants are cave crickets. There is also a campground.

At certain times of the year there is enough water in the creek pools to swim. An easy walk of under an hour returns you to the starting point. On the whole, the trail is well marked.

With a couple of more hours to invest, you can follow the gravel road. This road leads you through several phases of tree growth with an occasional glimpse of the ocean.

Kinnikinick Park is also an easy walk. The paths are interesting and not strenuous. Eagle and Heron nests are easily discovered with many other bird species.

Gray Creek Falls path requires a bit more effort with many slip and slide opportunities around the waterfall and the salmon spawning pool. The start of the path is a bit overgrown. The salmon spawning pool runs right across the path is something of an obstacle.

After this point the path is sometimes more, sometimes less overgrown. There are many forks and most paths merely end. You can't get lost if you stay beside the creek but you'll find several obstacles to overcome.

You reach the first waterfall in about 15 minutes. The second one is another 15 minutes away. There are many pools with fish and picnic areas along the way.

Chapman Falls also requires a bit more effort. Along the creek bed are many small pools and waterfalls.

Day Trips:


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