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rock3 This Super-Natural landscape is easy to find. You merely follow the sun until your socks taste of salt water (for the second time, if you started east of the Atlantic). Then just return to the last highway you crossed and you'll be on the Pacific Coast Highway #101.

Pacific Coast If you turn south, you'll end up in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This is the wrong direction. San Lucas is a nice Tourist Trap but after 24 hours of sweating in 110 degrees even the Sea of Cortez loses it's charm.

Rock1 You have to head north. 60 miles short of the northern end of this 2,993mi. highway you'll find Sechelt.

If you're alert, you might see an RCMP Constable with his bicycle and radar gun on the highway. If you're not alert, he might see you.

Kayak British Columbia, with an area of 950,000 sq. km, has a fjord coastline of 32,747 km along the Pacific Ocean. Vancouver Island protects the 15,000 sq. km of Georgia Strait from the open Ocean. Except for some River Deltas, the mountains rise almost straight out of the water. Here is a Vacation Playground to fulfill every holiday wish.

BC Coast Sechelt covers approximately 40 sq. km, roughly the size of Bermuda, and has a coast line of 27km which, Sechelt not being an island, is pretty impressive. This narrow strip of civilization has not displaced the wild life very far.

Reh The deer like to eat apple blossoms and roses in your garden.

Bears Garbage has to be guarded to keep from attracting black and brown bears.

Cougar Cougars generally keep to themselves and are seldom seen.

falcon Eagles, Falcons and Hawks with 50 other species of birds, including Hummingbirds enjoy the area in summer. Many migrating birds stop over during spring and fall..

Geese Other birds just decide to spend the winter here. Why go further when this is as good as it gets?

Kirche Sechelt lies along a peninsula. Just recently a second traffic light was installed. This makes us a major center in the area with most of the shops and services close by.

This is the local Lutheran Church.
There are also 14 other churches in the area.


3 Golfcourses, 2 swimming pools, many marinas and a skating rink are available if the natural wonders don't keep you busy enough.

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