Enniskillen Dragoons

Melody -

1. A beautiful damsel
Of fame and renown
A gentleman's daughter
From Monaghan town
As she went through the barracks
This beautiful maid
Stood up in her coach
To see dragoons on parade.

Fare ye well, Enniskillen,
I must leave you for a while
And all thy fair waters
And Erin's green isle
And when the wars are over,
I'll return in full bloom
And they'll all welcome home
Their Enniskillen dragoons.

2. They were all dressed up
The like of gentleman's sons
With their bright shining rapiers
And carabine guns
Their bayonets fornemst them,
Oh she saw them full soon
Just because that
She loved an Enniskillen dragoon.
  3. She looked to the bright sons
Of Mars on the right
Their armor outshining
The stars of the night
"O Willie, dearest Willie,
You have 'listed full soon
In the royal,
Loyal Enniskillen dragoons."

4. "Oh Flora, dearest Flora,
Your pardon I crave
Both now and forever,
You know I am your slave
But your parents they have slighted me,
Morning, night, and noon
Just because that you loved
Your Enniskillen dragoon."

5. "Oh Willie, dearest Willie,
Head not what they say
For children their parents
Must always obey
And when you've left Ireland,
They'll soon change their tune
Sayin' 'The good Lord be wi'
Ye, Enniskillen dragoon'."

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