Kitty Neil

Melody - "Huish the Cat From Under the Table"

John F. Waller

"Ah, sweet Kitty Neil,
Rise up from that wheel-
Your neat little foot
Will be weary from spinning;
Come trip down with me
To the sycamore tree,
Half the parish is there,
And the dance is beginning.
The sun is gone down,
But the full harvest moon
Shines sweetly and cool
On the dew-whitened valley;
While all the air rings
With the soft, loving things,
Each little bird sings
In the green shaded alley."
  With a blush and a smile,
Kitty rose up the while,
Her eyes in the glass,
As she bound her hair, glancing;
'Tis hard to refuse
When a young lover sues
So she couldn't but choose
To go off to the dancing.
And now on the green,
The glad groups are seen
Each gay-hearted lad
With the lass of his choosing;
And Pat, without fail,
Leads our sweet Kitty Neil
Somehow, when he asked,
She ne'er thought of refusing.

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