Papirosen (Cigarettes)

Melody -

A kalte nakht a nepeldike fintster umetum
Shteyt a yingele fartroyert un kukt zikh arum
Fun regn shitst im nor a vant
A kosikl halter in hant
Un zayne oygen betn yedn shtum:
Ikh hob shoyn nit keyn koyekh mer arumtsugeyn in gas
Hungerik and opgerisn, fun dem regn nas
Ikh shlep arum zikh fun baginen
Keyner git nit tsu fardinen
Ale lakhn makhn fun mir shpas

Kupitye koyft zhe koyft zhe papirosn
Trukene fun regn nit fargosn
Koyft zhe, bilik benemones
Koyft un hot oyf mir rakhmones
Ratevet fun hunger mikh atsind
Kupitye koyft zhe, shevebelakh antikn
Dermit ver ir a yosiml derkvikn
Umzist mayn shrayen un mayn loyfn
Keyner vil bay mir nit koyfn -
Oysgeyn velikh muzn vi a hunt

Mayn tate in milkhome hot farloyrn zayne hent
Mayn mame hot di tsores mer oyshaltn nit gekent
Yung in keyver zi getribn
Bin ikh oyf der velt farblibn
Umgliklakh un elnt vi a shteyn
Breklekh klayb ikh oyf tsum esn oyf dem altn mark
A harte bank iz mayn geleger in dem kaltn park
In dertsu di poitsyantn
Shlogn mikh mit shverdn, kantn,
S'helft nit mayn bet, mayn geveyn

Ikh hob gehat a shvesterl, a kind fun der natur
Mit mir tsuzamen zikh geshlept hot zi a gantsn yor,
Mit ir geven iz mir fil gringer
Laykhter vern flegt der hinger
Ven ikh fleg a kuk ton nor oyf ir.
Mit a mol govern iz zi shvakh un zeyer krank
Oyf mayne hent geshtorbn zi, oyf a gasn bank
Un az ikh hob zi farloyrn
Hob ikh alts shoyn ongevoyrn
Zol der toyt shoyn kumen oykh tsu mir.
  A cold night, foggy, and darkness everywhere
A boy stands sadly and looks around.
Only a wall protects him from the rain
He holds a basket in his hand
and his eyes beg everyone silently:
I don't have any strength left to walk the streets
Hungry and ragged, wet from the rain,
I shlep around from dawn.
Nobody gives me any earnings,
everyone laughs and makes fun of me

Buy my cigarettes!
Dry ones, not wet from the rain
Buy real cheap,
Buy and have pity on me.
Save me from hunger now
Buy my matches, wonderful ones, the best,
and with that you will uplift an orphan.
My screaming and my running will be for naught.
Nobody wants to buy from me-
I will have to perish like a dog.

My father lost his hands in the war
My mother couldn't bear her troubles anymore
And was driven to her grave at a young age
I was left on this earth
Unhappy and alone like a stone
I gather crumbs to eat in the old market
A hard bench in the cold park is my bed
and on top of that, the police
beat me with the edges of their swords and sticks
my pleas and my cries are of no use.

I had a little sister, a child of nature
Together we shlepped around for an entire year.
When with her, it was much easier for me.
My hunger would become lighter
When I glanced at her
Suddenly she became weak and sick
died in my arms on a street bench
And when I lost her
I lost everything
Let death come already for me, too.

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