Alexander's Ragtime Band

Melody - Melody - and Text: Irving Berlin (Israel Baline), 1911

Oh, ma honey, oh, ma honey,
Better hurry and let's meander
Ain't you goin', ain't you goin',
To the leader man,
Ragged meter man?
Oh, ma honey, oh, ma honey,
Let me take you to alexander's
Grand stand, brass band,
Ain't you comin' along?
  Oh, ma honey, oh, ma honey
There's a fiddle with notes that screeches,
Like a chicken, like a chicken
And the clarinet
Is a colored pet,
Come and listen, come and listen,
To a classical band what's peaches,
Come now, somehow,
Better hurry along.

|: Come on and hear, :|
   Alexander's Ragtime Band,
|: Come on and hear, :|
It's the best band in the land!
They can play a bugle call
Like you never heard before,
So natural that you want to go to war
That's just the bestest band what am,
Honey Lamb!

|: Come on along, :|
   Let me take you by the hand
|: Up to the man, :|
Who's the leader of the band,
And if you want to hear
The Swanee River played in ragtime
|: Come on and hear, :|
   Alexander's Ragtime Band

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