Melody -

Aia i `?lika
Ka ihu o ka moku.
Ua hao o pa`ihi,
N? pe'a i ka makani.

Ke liolio nei
Ke kaulu likini,
`Alu`alu `ole iho,
N? pe`a i ka makani.
  There is the `Arctic'
The bow of the ship
Moving powerfully,
Sails set to the wind.

Stretched taut
The rigging,
Not slack,
Sails set to the wind.

The Hawaiian song, `?lika, is a hula. It tells of the ship, Arctic, landing at Kauai in 1787. The origins of the song are uncertain, but it has sometimes been credited to Charles Ka`apa.
"Arctic" becomes "`?lika." In Hawaiian; the paucity of consonants in the language makes it difficult to transcribe foreign names

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