The Rose of Tralee

Melody - J. Gaspard Maeder 1870

John Brougham

All ye sportin' young Heroes with hearts light and free,
Take care how you come to the town of Tralee;
for the witch of all witches that ever wove a spell,
In the town of Tralee at this moment does dwell.
|: Oh! don't venture near her, be warned by me.
   There's murdher outright in the Rose of Tralee. :|

She's as bright and as clear as a young summer day,
Her breath is like the breeze from the fresh blossom'd May;
Her cheek bears the seashell's pale delicate hue,
And her lips are like rose-leaves just bath'd in the dew:
|: Young men, stay at home then, be warned by me,
   There's no hope once you've gazed on the Rose of Tralee. :|

Oh! her eyes of dark blue, they so heavenly are,
Like the night-sky of summer, each holding a star;
Were her tongue mute as silence, man's life they'd control,
But eyes and tongue both are too much for one's soul.
Oh! stay where you are, leave all danger to me,
   For I'd die with delight for the Rose of Tralee! :|

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