Ar lan y môr

Melody -


1. Ar lan y môr mae rhosynnau cochion;
Ar lan y môr mae liliau gwynion;
Ar lan y môr mae nghariad innau,
Yn cysgu'r nos a chodi'r bore.

2. Oer yw'r rhew ac oer yw'r eira;
Oer yw'r ty heb dân yn y gaeaf;
Oer yw'r eglwys heb ddim offeiriad;
Oer wyf innau heb fy nghariad.

3. Dacw'r ty a dacw'r talcen
Lle ces i nosweithiau llawen;
Ar y lloft uwchben y gegin,
Gyda'r ferch â rhuban melyn.

4. Mae gen i fuwch â dau gorn arian;
Mae gen i fuwch sy'n godro'i hunan;
Mae gen i fuwch sy'n llanw'r stwcau
Fel mae'r môr yn llanw'r baeau.

5. Ar lan y môr mae carreg wastad,
Lle bûm yn siarad gair â'm cariad;
O amgylch hon fe dyf y lili
Ac ambell gangen o rosmari.

6. Yng nglan y môr mae cerrig gleision;
Yng nglan y môr blodau'r meibion;
Yng nglan y môr mae pob rhinweddau,
Yng nglan y môr mae nghariad innau.

7. Llawn yw'r môr o swnd a chregyn,
Llawn yw'r wy o wyn a melyn;
Llawn yw'r coed o ddail a blodau,
Llawn o gariad merch wyf innau.

J. Mark Sugars

1. Down by the sea red roses are blooming;
Down by the sea white lilies are gleaming;
Down by the sea my true love is dwelling,
Sleeping all night, rising up in the morning.

2. Cold is the frost and cold is the blizzard;
Cold is the house without fire in the winter;
Cold is the church with no priest and no vicar,
And cold is my dwelling apart from my lover.

3. Yonder's the house and yonder's the dwelling,
Where I have tarried on many an evening,
Up in the loft and above the kitchen,
Wooing the girl with the yellow hair-ribbon.

4. My cow, she has horns of silver fine;
She milks herself with no help of mine.
She fill the pail till it holds no more,
As the sea fills the bay up to the shore.

5. Down where the sea laps at the flat rock
My love and I did wander and talk;
All around us grew the white lily,
And there were sprigs of rosemary.

6. Down by the shore, blue rocks in the water;
Flowers are picked by her son and her daughter;
Charms and graces there, beyond telling;
Down by the shore my true love's dwelling.

7. Full is the sea of sand and of shell; oh,
Full is an egg of white and of yellow;
Full is the forest of leaf and of flower,
Love for my girl fills me each waking hour.

Trivia: Richard Burton & Liz Taylor supposedly sang this in Welsh, as a duet, at parties.
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