The Mill, Mill-O

Melody -

As I came down yon water side
And by yon Shillin Hill, O,
There I spied a bonny lass,
A lass that I loed right weel, O.
The mill, mill-O, and the kill, kill-O
An' the coggin' o' Peggy's wheel, O.
The sack an' the sieve, a' she did leave,
An' danced the millers reel, O.
  I spier'd at her, gin she cou'd play,
Birt the tassie had nae skill, O;
An' yet she was nae a' to blame,
She pat it in my will, O.

Then she fell o'er, an' sae did I,
An' danc'd the millars reel, O,
Whene'er that bonny lassie comes again,
She shall hae her ma't ground weel, O.

Alan Ramsay wrote new words to this old song in an attempt to make it acceptable to polite society but, according to Stenhouse, the virtuous public found Ramsay's verses still "partaking too much of the rude simplicity of the olden times."

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