Willie Macintosh

Melody -

As I came in by Fiddich-side,
On a May moming,
I spied Willie MacKintosh,
An hour before the dawning.
    "Turn again, turn again,
    Turn again I bid ye;
    If ye burn Auchendown,
    Huntley he will heid ye,"
  As I came in by Auchendown,
On a May morning,
Auchendown was in a bleeze,
An hour before the dawning.
   "Crawing, crawing,
    For a' your crowse crawing,
    Ye brunt your crop and tint your wings
    An hour before the dawning."

"Heid me or hang me,
That sall never fear me;
I'll burn Auchendown
Before the life leaves me."

Following the murder of the Earl of Murroy, the MacIntoshes of the clan Chattan pillaged a castle and killed four men on an estate belonging to the Earl of Huntley. In retaliation, Huntley laid waste the lands of Clan Chottan. Returning home from this engagement he surprised the MacIntoshes spoiling his lands at Cabrach and, in the ensuing fight, killed sixty of them.

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