The One-Eyed Riley

Melody -

As I was sittin' by the fire
Atin' spuds and drinkin' porter
Suddenly a thought came into me head
I'd like to marry oul' Riley's daughter

Giddy-I-ay. Giddy-I-ay,
Giddy-I-ay for the one-eyed Riley
Rub-a-dub-a-dub, (pause)
Play it on your big bass drum.

For Riley played on the big bass drum
Riley had a mind for murder and slaughter
He had one bright red glittering eye
And he kept that eye on his lovely daughter.
  One night when Riley was in bed
I crept up to her room and caught her
Took her safely off to wed
Quick as a flash, with oul' Riley's daughter.

I got me a ring and a parson too,
I got me a 'Scratch' in the married quarter:
Settled me down to a peaceful life,
As happy as a king with O'Riley's daughter.

Suddenly a footstep on the stair
Who should it be but the one-eyed Riley
With two pistols in his hand
Lookin' for the man who had married his daughter.

I took oul' Riley be the hair
Shoved his head in a pail of water
Fired his pistols into the air
A damn sight quicker than I married his daughter.

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