A Wee Deoch an Doris

Melody - 1910

There's a good old Scottish custom
That has stood the test of time
Its a custom that's been carried out
In every land and clime
Wherever Scots forgather
Its aye the usual thing
Just before we say goodnight,
We raise our cups and sing:

Just a wee deoch an doris,
Just a wee dram that's a'
Just a wee deoch an doris,
Before we gang awa'
There's a wee wifie waiting
In a wee but and ben
If you can say it's a braw bricht
Moon licht nicht
Then you're a' right, ye ken.

  I like a man, that is a man,
A man that's straight and fair
A sort of man who will and can,
In all things do his share
I like a man, a jolly man,
The sort of man you know
The kind of chap that slaps your back
And says "before you go".

There is a star whose beaming ray
Is shed on every clime
It shines by night, it shines by day,
And ne'er grows dim wi' time
It rose upon the banks o' Ayr,
It shone on Doons clear stream
A hundred years are gane and mair,
Yet brighter grows its beam

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