Casey Jones

Melody -

Come, all you rounders, if you want to hear
The story of a brave engineer;
Casey Jones was the rounder's name
On the I & C Railroad he won his fame.

Boss called Casey right at half past ten,
"Gotta make the run to Canton again,
Sim, pour in the water and shovel the coal,
Stick your head out the window; watch the drivers roll."

Casey Jones mounted to the cabin
Casey Jones, orders in his hand
Casey Jones mounted to the cabin
Took his farewell trip to the Promised Land.

2. It was early morning, it began to rain,
He headed south on the Cannonball train.
The switchmen knew by the engine's moans
That the man at the throttle was Casey Jones.

"I'll run her till she leaves the rail.
We're one hour late with the southbound mail,"
He turned to Sim and this is what he said,
"On time to Canton or we'll all be dead."

3. On the saw-by at Vaughn was a passenger train
The red caboose sticking out on the main
Casey turned to Sim and said "You'd better jump
'Cause there's two locomotives that are going to bump."

Casey's body was found in the wreck
One hand on the whistle and one on the brake
The great engineer was strong and brave
Saved the passengers but went to his grave.

All kinds of heartache, all kinds of pain
They all ride along on a railroad train.
Stories of brave men, noble and grand,
Belong to the life of the railroad man.

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