Bonnie Lass O'Ballochmyle

Melody -

Robert Burns

Fair is the morn in flow'ry May,
And sweet is night in autumn mild,
When roving thro' the garden gay,
Or wand'ring in the lonely wild;
But woman nature's darling child
There all her charms she does compile;
|: E'en there her other works are foil'd :|
By the bonnie lass O' Ballochmyle.

The bonnie lass O' Ballochmyle
The bonnie lass!
The bonnie, bonnie lass!
The bonnie lasso' Ballochmyle.

2. O had she been a country maid,
And I the happy country swain,
Tho' shelter'd in the lowest shed
That ever rose on Scotland's plain!
Thro' weary winter's wind and rain,
Withjoy, with rapture, I would toil;
|: And nightly to my bosom strain, :|
The bonnie lass O' Ballochmyle.

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