Gae To the Kye Wi' Me Johnny

Melody - before 1776

O, gae to the kye wi' me, Johnny,
Gae to the kye wi' me,
O, gae to the kye wi' me, Johnny,
And I'll be merry wi' thee.

And was she na' worthy of kisses
And was she na' worthy of three,
And was she na' warthy of kisses
That gaed to the kye wi' me!
I hae a hoose a-biggin,
Anither that's like to fa',
I hae a lassie wi' bairn,
Which grieves me warst of a'.

But if she be wi' bairn
As I trow weel she be,
I have an auld mither at hame
Will doudle it on her knee.

It was in Herd's collection (1776) that this song was first published; when, a century later, Chambers anthologized it in 'Scots Songs prior to Burns' the curious moral taboos of the Victorian era resulted in the text being "unavoidably subjected to some modification."

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