The Reel o' Stumpie

Melody -

before 1734

Hap and row, hap and row,
Hap and row, the feetie o't,
I thocht I was a maiden fair
Till I heard the greetie o't.
My daddie was a fiddler fine,
My minnie she made mankie-o;
And I mysel' a thumpin' quean,
Wha danced the reel o' Stumpie O.
  The gossip cup, the gossip cup,
The kimmer clash and caudle-O;
The glowing moon, the wanton loon,
The cuttie-stool and cradle-O.
Douce dames maun hae their bairn-time borne,
Sae dinna glower sae glumpie-O,
Birds love the morn and craws love corn,
And maids the reel o' Stumpie-O.

This is another of the songs collected by Burns and published in his collection of amorous verses 'The Merry Muses of Caledonia'. The tune first appeared in John Walsh's 'Coledonian Country Dances' book 1, circa 1734.

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