I Am Here

Melody -

1. Here I am amongst you,
And I'm here because I'm here.
And I'm only nine months older
Than I was this time last year-I-yaa

Wipme-do-ri-ya wipme-do-ri-ya

2. Early to bed makes a man wise,
Now this I don't think true.
How in the hell can a man go to bed
If he has none to go to-ri-ya
  3. The more a man has, the more a man wants,
Now this I don't think true.
I never met a man with one black eye,
Who wish that he had two-ri-ya

4. Never throw a brick to a drowning man,
If you're close to a grocer's store.
Throw him a bar of sunlight soap,
Let him wash himself ashore-i-ya

5. Now I think I said enough, and I say no more,
Before you show me the door.
I'll take my bow, and I'll leave you now
And I won't come back any more-i-ya

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