Over the Harbor Bar

Melody - Godfrey Marks, late 1800s, USA

Frank W. Pratt

Here's a song, jolly lads, you can join in,
For our ship's within sight of the bar;
No more need your hearts be a-pining,
For the smiles of your sweethearts afar.
Many weeks o'er the waves we've been dancing,
Strange lands and fair faces have seen,
But naught far and near so entrancing
As the shores of our island so green.

And it's over the harbor bar, boys,
Over the harbor bar,
There's a welcome sweet,
With smiles to greet,
Over the harbor bar.
  We've sailed thro' the bluest of water,
And quaffed of the richest of wine,
We've danced with Spain's sunny daughter,
But for Nancy at home we pine.
And oft when the tempests are blowing,
Our thoughts, they will wander afar,
To the hearts that with fondness are glowing,
And waiting just over the bar.

When we've done with the water a-wrestling,
And our timbers show signs of decay,
In a cot 'neath the white cliffs a-nestling,
The bos'n's last call we'll obey.
Looking hard at the bright star of morning,
We'll steer for the harbor afar,
And at last the great Pilot's glad warning,
Will be heard as we're nearing the bar.

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