Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden - Traditional

Melody -

1. Her eye so mildly beamin'
Her look so frank and free
In wakin' and in dreamin'
Is ever more with me!

Ho ro, my nut brown maiden!
Ho ro, my nut brown maiden!
Ho ro, ro, maiden!
For she's the maid for me!

2. Oh, Mary, mild eyed Mary
By land or on the sea,
Though time and tide may vary,
My heart beats true to thee!

3. With thy fair face before me
How sweetly flew the hour
When all thy beauty o'er me
Came streamin' in its' power!
  4. And since from thee I parted
A long and weary while,
I wander, heavy hearted,
With longin' for thy smile.

5. The face with kindness glowin'
The face that hides no guile
The light grace of thy goin'
The witchcraft of thy smile!

6. Mine eyes that never vary
From pointin' tae the glen
Where blooms my Highland Mary
Like wild rose 'neath the ben.

7. And when with blossoms laden
Bright summer comes again,
I'll fetch my nut brown maiden
Down from the bonny glen!

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