Kishmul's Galley   Beann a' Cheathaich

Melody - Waulking song from the Hebrides

High from the Ben a Hayich
On a day of days
Seaward I gaz'd,
Watching Kishmul's galley sailing.
O hio huo faluo!

Homeward she bravely battles
'Gainst the hurtling waves
Nor hoop nor yards,
Anchor, cable, nor tackle has she.
O hio huo faluo!
  Now at last 'gainst wind and tide
They've brought her to
'Neath Kishmul's walls,
Kishmul Castle our ancient glory.
O hio huo faluo!

Here's red wine and feast for heroes
And harping too,
O hio hu!
Sweet harping too!
O hio huo faluo!

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