That Little Shirt My Mother Made for Me

Melody -

Harry Wincott

I'll never forget the day that I was born
It was on a cold and frosty winter morn
The doctor said I was a chubby chap
And when the nurse she took me on her lap
Oh she bathed me all over I remember
And after powder-puffing me you see
She put me in a cradle near the window
In that little shirt my mother made for me

When I began to crawl it was a sight
I used to frighten mom from morn' til night
There's no mistake I was a lttle curse
'Cause when my daddy, he came home from work
Every night he would say; "Where's Little Sam got?"
As down the kitchen, happy as could be
They used to find me scrapin' out the jam pot
In The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me.

The first day I wore my knickerbocks
I felt so funny after wearing frocks
I looked a little picture they did say
But when they left me out to run and play
Oh I didn't like the pants that I was wearing
So in the street I took them off you see
And I started walking home so brave and daring
In that little shirt my mother made for me

And then to school they said that I must go
I didn't like my teacher you must know
And when I played the truant quite so dear
The teacher said now boy you come here
With a big stick she beat around upon me
There's no mistake about my pedigree
I had the map of Scotland painted on me
Neath that little shirt my mother made for me

Last year when I was on my holiday
Upon the briny ocean I did gaze
The water looked so nice I thought I'd go
To have a swim, but, in a minute, oh
All the girls along the beach at me were starin'
And some were takin' pictures, I could see
Was a good thing for me that I was wearin'
The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me.

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