A Gordon for me

Melody & Text: - Robert Wilson

I'm Georgie McKay of the HLI,
I'm fond o' the lassies and a drappie forbye
One day when out walking I chanced to see,
A bonnie wee lass wi' a glint in her ee'.
Says I tae the lassie will you walk for a while,
I'll buy ye a bonnet and we'll do it in style,
My kilt is McKenzie o' the HLI,
She looked at me shyly and said wi' a sigh:
  I courted that lass on the banks of the Dee,
I made up my mind she was fashioned for me,
Soon I was a-thinking how nice it would be
If she would consent to get married to me.
The day we were wed, the grass was sae green,
The sun was as bright as the light in her 'een,
Now we've twa bonny lassies who sit on her knee
While she sings the song that she once sang to me:

A Gordon for me, a Gordon for me,
If you're no' a Gordon, you're nae use to me,
The Black Watch are braw, the Seaforths an' a',
But the cocky wee Gordon's the pride o' them a'.

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